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”Campus Pride – Advocacy Community Campaigns for Safe Universities” project aims to create a welcoming and safe space and an accepting environment for the LGBTI students in Romania.

MozaiQ LGBT (Bucharest), Pride Romania (Cluj-Napoca) and Identity.Education (Timișoara) are the three organizations that are implementing this project together with Samtökin ’78 – The National Queer Association of Iceland.

Together we will better understand the realities of the LGBTI students in Romania’s universities, through an extensive consultation which will bring together activists, students, teachers, specialists and rule-makers. We would like to look closely at the inclusion policies of the education environment in Romania and to propose an evaluation system of the universities and colleges as a Campus Pride Index.

Starting in October 2021, we will start three community centers in Bucharest, Cluj and Timișoara, where LGBTI students and allies will be able to meet regularly to share their experiences, to participate in various community developing activities and to support each other.

The 2021-2022 academic year is waiting for us and will bring lots of surprises, community gatherings, parties, movie nights, board game community brunches, talks on relevant topics for the community, various workshops and good energy.

We are aware that this trip is not going to be simple, but we believe it is necessary for all present and future students that foresee a university of progress, in which all our identities are accepted, respected and valued.

Working together for an inclusive Europe!