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If you have some free time or maybe you just want to learn a new skill, our team recommends the following course platforms (most of them are free, but some of them are paid).

  • Coursera ( ) is a platform that offers a multitude of courses in different fields. We are sure that you will find something that will attract your attention, we were attracted by the following:
  • edX ( stands out for its amazing portfolio of top universities that offer their courses. For most courses you can receive a diploma, after passing an exam that requires a fee, but the course itself is free. So if you like the idea of ​​studying at Harvard or MIT, check it out. When we looked at the site, the following courses caught our attention:
  • Fundația Calea Victoriei (program-ateliere-2) organizes cultural events, but also courses on different fields of interest for students, some examples would be: public speaking, diplomacy, creative writing and many others. Every month I come up with news both in terms of courses and events. The courses are paid and the price differs depending on the course, but if you can you can check them out. The campus pride team recommends the following: