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Campus Pride is an ambitious project that wants to reshape the academic environment in Romania, making it safer and friendlier for queer students, but for this dream to come true we also need your involvement. Within the partner partners (MozaiQ, Identity and Pride Romania) you can develop a set of skills that will surely help you in the future.

The life of an activist is a complex and surprising one, full of emotions that take you to the heights of happiness, but also moments when you feel that nothing will work. We are all made to be activists, so don’t stop thinking and come to MozaiQ, Pride Romania or Identity Education. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t volunteered before, we know you have what you need, just click on the registration link and we’ll call you.

In addition, because the Campus Pride team cares about students and wants to offer them as many ways to develop as possible, we have compiled a list of associations in Romania, from different fields, in which you could get involved.

Civic Involvement: